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Most people play bridge by asking themselves what they should do. Instead, they should be asking themselves what is going on.”  -  Bob Hamman

Henry's teaching philosophy

It's based on teaching students how to think at the table after building a solid foundation of the three aspects of the game, declarer play, bidding, and defense. Beginners first learn card playing techniques using Mini-Bridge before being introduced to bidding. My approach is to present each hand as a problem to solve, this could be a bidding, play or defense problem. I achieve this by using various technologies to create an interactive learning environment in my classroom.. 


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In home private lessons

These private sessions are for groups of 4-8 people. During a 90 minute session, you will play and discuss 6-8 pre-dealt boards from a bidding, play, and defense perspective.


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On line lessons (BBO)

Using Bridge Base On Line, we offer 60-90 minutes bidding and playing lessons for individuals and groups. 


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Henry teaching  at The Bridge Academy

"The average player probably makes about one hundred errors in the bidding and play during an afternoon of bridge. Fortunately for his or her self-esteem, he or she will recognize only ten percent of them.”  - Dorothy Truscott

Group lessons

Throughout the year, The Bridge Academy offers 4-8 week classes to all level of players at various locations. Check the calendar for schedule.


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