2020 Guest Speakers

Robert Todd

Saturday, February 15

Robert Todd, returns to The Bridge Academy for the second consecutive year.

Instead of teaching endless conventions he concentrates on how to think, evaluate, and strategize at the bridge table. His concepts will open up new worlds for highly skilled players and novices alike. Robert is a professional bridge player and teacher and the founder of Adventures in Bridge, Inc.


Morning Session (9-Noon)

Problem Opening Bids




Afternoon Session (1-4 pm)

Trump Suit Management.


Cost $60 per session or $100 for both

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Barbara Seagram

Friday, April 3

Barbara Seagram (and husband Alex) will return to The Bridge Academy for the fourth year. 


Morning Session (9-noon)

Tricks from out of Nowhere


The morning session will be followed by lunch and the regular afternoon game.


Barbara and Alex will stay for the afternoon and, as in past visits, there will be a raffle to determine who gets to play with Barbara, and who with Alex. 


Cost $85 includes card fees

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Jim Ricker 

Tuesday, September 22

Jim Ricker is the 2019 ABTA Teacher of The Year. This will be the first workshop at The Bridge Academy on the popular Losing Trick Count technique which will undoubtedly improve your bidding accuracy.


The morning session will be followed by lunch and an afternoon session.


Morning Session (9-Noon)

Targeted Invitations Using Losing Trick Count




Afternoon Session (1-4 pm)

Slow Arrival/Fast Arrival Using Losing Trick Count


Cost $75 includes lunch

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