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Why Should You Join the Bridge Academy?

The Bridge Academy is not only commited that our members enjoy playing in a friendly and asthetically appeasing environment, but to also provide tools to help our members improve their skills by providing a variety of services and tools designed to help you become a better bridge palyer and partner.

1. Bridge Analytics


Using state-of-the art software, you will be able to analyze every game you play to help you and your partner identify areas of your game you need to improve.  You will be able to view your personal results history and trends, your average score with different partners, your score as declarer, defender - even dummy  and when you or your partner was on lead.

2. Access to Mini-lessons


Bridge Academy Edu-Duplicarte games are preceeded by a 30-minute mini-lesson. As a member you will be able to download any of these mini-lessons either as a Power Point presentation or a PDF. You will also have access to interesting bridge articles, quizes and more.

Find a Partner


Need a partner for a particular game? As a member, all  you need to do is complete your player profile and post a message using Pianola innovative web-based partnership desk. You have full control of who should see your message amongst our members. Members can view your invitation and respond to you directly by e-mail or by phone if you prefer.


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