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Henry is the 2018 ABTA Teacher of the Year

Henry was awarded the 2018 Teacher of The Year Award by the American Bridge Teachers’ Association. The announcement of the award – sponsored by Master Point Press – was made at the 2018 ABTA convention in Atlanta.  


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Henry Receives The American Bridge Teachers' Association (ABTA) Master Teacher Certification


Henry was invited to speak at the 2015 ABTA National Convention held in Chicago from August 4-7, about "The use of technology to create an interactive and collaborative learning environment." The presentation was well received and Henry was asked by the ABTA President to chair a committee on technology to diversify how teachers deliver content to their students. 

ABTA Master Teacher Certification

The ABTA Credentials Committe states that "The ABTA Master Teacher designation is the highest recognition we have in the North American bridge teaching community. ABTA Master Teachers are the very best professionals, and we are confident in recommending our Master Teachers for bridge teaching jobs at any level and in any setting." 


The requirements are:

  • At least 3 years of continuous ABTA membership.

  • At least 100 hours of professional (for remuneration) bridge teaching experience.

  • Attendance at a full ABTA Convention and Seminar.

  • Successful completion of an interview with the Membership Credentials Committee which includes:

    • Completing a pre-test to determine the candidate eligibility to proceed with the application.

    • Preparing a 15-20 min. lesson to present to the Credentials Committee.

    • Completing and discussing two bridge problems to discuss with the committee.

    • Completing a test on site and discussing answers with the committee. 

ABTA Credentials Committtee - seated from left: Dee Berry - Committee Chair and Author of "2/1 in a Nutshell", Barbara Seagram - World renowned Author and Master Teacher, Kathie Macnab - Master Teacher and Owner of The Bridge Studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Standing: Julian Laderman, Author of the 2006 and 2010 ABTA Book of the Year Award: A Bridge to Simple Squeezes, and A Bridge to Inspired Declarer Play respectively, Joyce Penn – Master Teacher and Owner of the Columbus Bridge Center.


Henry speaking at the 2015 ABTA Convention in Chicago

ABTA President Charles Hodel congratulates Henry on his Master Teacher Certification

Henry with Credentials Committee member Barbara Seagram at The 2015 ABTA Convention 

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