Learn From Home


Opening Leads

Tuesday, July 14

7:00-9:00 pm (EDT)


Second and Third-Hand Defense

Tuesday, July 28

7:00-9:00 pm (EDT)


Planning The Defense

Tuesday, July 21

7:00-9:00 pm (EDT)


Defensive Signals

Tuesday, August 4

7:00-9:00 pm (EDT)


July 2020 Schedule

   Online Lessons 

During the shutdown, we have increased our offering of online lessons on BBO. These lessons are 60-90 min and are for individuals, pairs,  and groups of four. For information contact info@bridgeacademync.com. 

We are expanding our online games to include open as well as limited games at several times during the week. These games will appear on the ACBL Virtual Clubs' schedule two hours before the start time.


These games will have different clocking times per board to allow more experienced players to play faster while giving the limited game players more time per board to reduce the number of boards not played due to slow play.


  • Open games -  7 min/board

  • Limited 0-750 - 7 min/board

  • Limited 0-100 - 8 min/board

What to do if you are blocked from registering for a game?


  • Make sure you are NOT logged in as "invisible"


  • You must have played at The Bridge Academy in the last 365 days. You can also invite a guest to play.


  • Make sure you updated your ACBL number from within BBO (go to ACBL World and click on update my ACBL number). If it was not, it takes 24 hours for the ACBL to activate it.


  • Make sure you are eligible for a particular limited master point game.


  • If you continue to get an error message that you are blocked, call or text me at 919-724-6239

   New Online Schedule  

   Open Games  


12:30 pm



12:30 pm



12:30 pm


   Limited  Games  


1:30 pm - (750 MP)



Play & Learn Edu-Duplicate game

9:00 am BBO registration

9:15 am  Mini-lesson

10:00 am game

3:30 pm (0-750 MP)


10:30 am - (100 MP)

1:30 pm - (750 MP)



3:30 pm  (0-750 MP)



10:30 am - (100 MP)

1:30 pm - (750 MP)



1:30 pm (500 MP)

Robert Todd's Workshop A Great Success

Tuesdays from 9:30 - noon - Play and discuss 8 boards. This game is strictly for beginners and is designed to help develop a strong foundation in bidding, playing, and defending. These sessions complement Olli classes.

Monday evenings - Meet & Greet (wine and cheese) at 6 pm and game at 6:30 pm (0-300 masterpoints)


Language of Bridge - A Modern Approach to Bidding -.This ten-week class sponsored by Olli started on Wednesday, January 15, from 9:30-11:30 am

Beginners' Bridge

March Schedule 

On February 15, Robert Todd visited TBA for the 2nd consecutive year.


85 players joined to share in his expertise for problem opening bids and for managing the trump suit.


Instead of teaching endless conventions he concentrates on how to think, evaluate, and strategize at the bridge table. His concepts open up new worlds for highly skilled players and novices alike.


“To become a member of the upper crust calls for resilience, imagination, occasional flashes of inspiration, these are the hallmarks of quality. And this transcends the realm of science.”


The event was a great success and we are looking forward to Robert's return in 2021.


Click here for more from Robert

First Lady of North Carolina

Kristin Cooper visits The Bridge Academy

Henry is elected President of The American Bridge Teachers' Association 

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You can also register for all four for $95

Contact us at info@bridgeacademync.com or (919) 724-6239